Fascinating slides by Andrew Hinton on connections and contexts in information architecture.

“One of the things our grandchildren will find quaintest about us is that we distinguish the digital from the real” – William Gibson in a Rolling Stone interview quoted in the slides.

(Found via BBC Radio Labs)

Social surplus

Excellent post by Clay Shirky.

A screen that ships without a mouse ships broken…

WordCamp UK venue sought

It looks like WordCamp UK is now going to be 19-20 July 2008 in Birmingham.

We’re now looking for a suitable venue.

WordCamp UK show of hands

WordCamp UK logo

At this stage in planning for WordCamp UK it would be extremely useful to get a show of hands indicating the number of people likely to attend.

This will help in making arrangements such as booking a suitable venue.

Following discussion on the WordCamp UK mailing list the following assumptions are currently being made:

Therefore could everyone indicate if they can attend WordCamp UK, making these assumptions, by adding their name to the attendees page on the event wiki.

It would be useful if responses could be made by 1200 (GMT) on Friday 18 April 2008 at the latest.

Hopefully this will give us a good idea of numbers likely to attend.

WordCamp UK proposed date

WordCamp UK logo

A date for the planned WordCamp UK is now being proposed.

Following discussion on the WordCamp UK mailing list the weekend of 19-20 July 2008 is being considered.

Post your responses either here or on the WordCamp UK mailing list (registration required).

New WordCamp UK site

WordCamp UK logo

There’s now a WordCamp UK site to publicise the proposed event.

The content is fairly simple at the moment, given that we are at an early stage in the project.

Eventually the site can carry full details of the event with schedule, location and facilities for booking tickets.

To spread the word it would be extremely helpful if those who’ve expressed an interest blog about the event and include a link to the new site.

Many thanks to Alex Shiels from Automattic for setting up this the site.

Bloggers at the Coach and Horses

Picture London Bloggers logo

Went to my first London Bloggers meeting last night.

I was a bit late, due to a previous meeting, however the get together proved to be a sociable and worthwhile event, held in the legendary Coach and Horses in Soho.

Will definitely be attending again!

UK F1 TV rights change

Picture of 6 wheel Tyrell-Ford P34-6 77 Formula 1 car

Another good Grand Prix at Malaysia during the weekend.

Not as many thrills and spills as Australia but this was expected as the Malaysian track is a more conventional modern configuration.

The ITV streaming this time was the correct aspect ratio – not surprising since the coverage was 16 by 9 which was displayed in a 16 by 9 box on their website!

Shock announcement on the UK television coverage rights, moving from ITV to the BBC two years before the end of the current contract.

This is good if, for nothing else, there will no advertisements intruding into the coverage.

Bernie Ecclestone gives some background and there’s interesting analysis in The Guardian on the reasons behind the rights change.