Ice found on Mars?

Artists impression of Ploenix Lander landing

It looks like the Phoenix Mars Lander may have found ice on Mars.

If the discovery of ice is confirmed it would vastly increase the chances of finding life on Mars now or evidence of life in the past.

Such a discovery would be likely to lead to a step change in our perception of the universe.

Cycles on paths – it’s against the law

No cycling UK road sign

Almost run over again – by a cycle on a footpath.

Following on from my previous cycle-related rant I ask the question – why do a small minority of cyclists break the law and tarnish the good name of cycling?

I refer such cyclists in the UK to Highway Code rule 64.

BMW’s fabric car

Picture of BMW GINA car

I don’t have a car, but I’ve always been fascinated by cars.

I don’t need a car where I am in London, with its comprehensive public transport infrastructure, and I find cars a pain clogging up the streets and obstructing me getting from A to B.

But I still find cars fascinating.

BMW has always been a company I’ve admired for their design and engineering skills, and their GINA concept car is fascinating.