Cycles on paths – it’s against the law

No cycling UK road sign

Almost run over again – by a cycle on a footpath.

Following on from my previous cycle-related rant I ask the question – why do a small minority of cyclists break the law and tarnish the good name of cycling?

I refer such cyclists in the UK to Highway Code rule 64.

BMW’s fabric car

Picture of BMW GINA car

I don’t have a car, but I’ve always been fascinated by cars.

I don’t need a car where I am in London, with its comprehensive public transport infrastructure, and I find cars a pain clogging up the streets and obstructing me getting from A to B.

But I still find cars fascinating.

BMW has always been a company I’ve admired for their design and engineering skills, and their GINA concept car is fascinating.

RepRap builds RepRap

The Replicating Rapid-prototyper (RepRap) has built a copy of itself.

The Bath University 3D printer has built another version of itself.


Find out more at the RepRap site.