New WordCamp UK site

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There’s now a WordCamp UK site to publicise the proposed event.

The content is fairly simple at the moment, given that we are at an early stage in the project.

Eventually the site can carry full details of the event with schedule, location and facilities for booking tickets.

To spread the word it would be extremely helpful if those who’ve expressed an interest blog about the event and include a link to the new site.

Many thanks to Alex Shiels from Automattic for setting up this the site.

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  1. Avatar Grace Long

    Hi Tony,

    I am a virtual assistant and event organiser based in South Wales, and willing to travel to London. I would love to help organising this event in UK.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information.

    Grace Long

  2. Avatar Geoff

    Are we going to use the new site instead of the email list or in parallel with it? I find the email list method pretty cumbersome to use. Much happier with the the wiki idea.

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