I build websites using web standards to produce attractive, usable and accessible sites that work for as wide an audience as possible.

I specialise in WordPress content management systems, allowing site owners to easily update content without outside assistance.

WordPress is used by millions of individuals and organisations around the world, including major corporations and publishers.

Below are some of the sites I’ve built.

Please note that some projects are on intranets, and since they cannot be seen on the public internet are not referred to below, or are covered by NDAs, and therefore cannot be listed below.

Orange Coconut

Picture of Orange Coconut home page

I designed and built the site for Orange Coconut, and carry out development on an ongoing basis.

The underlying theme is to let the pictures do the talking – made simple by the intuitive method of embedding YouTube videos used by WordPress.

The site remains under development, with future expansion planned for the future.

WordCamp UK 2010

Picture of WordCamp UK 2010 home page

The WordCamp UK 2010 site was built specifically for the event, and included ticket merchandising facilties.

The design was inspired by Factory Records, with logo design by Jonathan Harris, since the event was held in Manchester.

Christine Bond

Picture of Christine Bond home page

In March 2010 I launched a site for Christine Bond, connected with the BECTU 2010 and 2012 President and NEC elections.

I built the site using WordPress, with the site being expanded following the election campaign to introduce a blog.

Find out more about Christine’s site.


I was the web designer and developer for Twestival – an international charity event involving Twitter users – from February to July 2009.

Picture of Twestival home page

I built the site for the first Twestival Global held on 12 February 2009, raising money and awareness for charity: water.

I used WordPress MU to provide individual sites for more than 200 participating cities across the world – pictured is the site design from February 2009.

This infrastructure remained in place as the basis of Twestival Local 2009, held in the second half of 2009, and further developed by Applied Solutions Group.

The third version of the site for Twestival Global 2010 continued the use of WordPress, and was developed by Citron Studio and Studio Good.


I carried out the design and development from 1997 to early 2009 of

Picture of BECTU home page

This involved five major interface re-designs, progressing from the early days of table-based layout to a site built using web standards – pictured is the site design from January 2009.

In 2007 I introduced a customised WordPress installation for the site, which provided content management for news stories.

Additionally I contributed articles and photography for the site.

Please note since my involvement ceased the site has been redesigned and now uses a different content management system.