WordCamp UK proposal

Inspired by WordCamp Dallas 2008 I’m floating the idea of WordCamp UK at some point this year.

WordCamp UK logo

The idea has already gone around a number of WordPress mailing lists and elsewhere, and in the light of feedback I’m posting this to ascertain the level of interest.

Don’t hesitate to add a comment to this post so the practicality of such an event can be gauged.

I’m happy to take part in organising such an event if it seems to be a good idea – it would be useful even at this early stage to see if anyone else is prepared to be involved in making arrangements etc.

Here’s one description of WordCamp:

WordCamp is a (semi) BarCamp-style conference where users of the Open Source blogging software WordPress can meet and share tips and experiences with one another.

Some initial thoughts to get the discussion going:

  • Format: A little more structured, such as WordCamp Dallas 2008, or more BarCamp, as WordCamp Hamburg?
  • Size: Number of attendees?
  • Location: London or other city? Take into account travelling and accommodation.
  • Sponsorship: Would be good to subsidise the event!

Finally a list of previous WordCamps I’m aware of:

Plus WordCamp Report for reference.

Update Saturday 22 March 2008 at 1531: I’ve set up a WordCamp UK mailing list.

Update Monday 24 March 2008 at 1522: Here’s the RSS feed for comments to this post.

Update Thursday 27 March 2008 at 0649: WordCamp Melbourne and Argentina added to list above.

Update Monday 31 March 2008 at 0028: I’ve now set up a WordPress UK wiki.

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  4. Avatar Paul Bradshaw

    If you need any help, count me in. I’m Birmingham based and run the UK’s most subscribed-to journalism blog.
    BTW My twitter account is twitter.com/paulbradshaw

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  8. Avatar Simon Howes

    Fantastic it is coming to Brum, we have a habit of hosting the best conferences in the UK.

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  10. Avatar Chris Garrett

    Shockingly I just heard about this, let me know if I can help in any way. I will be mentioning UK wordcamp while I am at SOBCon to anyone who will listen :)

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