Fascinating science exhibition

Went to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2008 at Carlton Terrace House on Wednesday.

Picture of Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2008

This was much more than a straight exhibition – researchers involved in the scientific fields represented were present, accompanied by an array of interactive equipment.

I was there for about two and half hours and didn’t make much progress getting to see all of the exhibition.

Taking part in the interactive exhibits, along with absorbing discussions with researchers, slowed down my progress somewhat!

From what I did get to see, the following stood out for me:

All in all a fascinating exhibition – I just wish I could have seen more of it!

WordCamp UK ticket sales going well

WordCamp UK logo

Nearly a quarter of tickets for WordCamp UK 2008 have been sold only a week after they where made available.

Entry to the event, to be held Saturday and Sunday 19-20 July 2008 at The Studio Birmingham, is only by pre-purchasd ticket.

To ensure a place at the first WordCamp UK book online now using a debit or credit card.

For more details go to the WordCamp UK wiki, which includes the running order.

Who’s stolen my house?

Picture of house in Bentinck Street London W1

Seen today in Bentinck Street London W1.

Martian soil could support life

Artists impression of Phoenix Lander in Martian twilight

Phoenix Lander scientists believe Martian soil appears to contain sufficient nutrients to support life.

Preliminary analysis on the planet’s soil have found it to be much more alkaline than expected.

In another development Phoenix has scraped to icy soil confirming that surface, subsurface and icy soil can be sampled at a single trench.

The mission appears to be making excellent progress, with the possibility of discovering evidence of Martian life either now, or in the past, seemingly increasing on a daily basis.