Blue thunder

Picture of front of blue sports car

Fantastic car seen off Askew Road W12 earlier today.

Picture of rear of blue sports car

A sunny day in Trafalgar Square

Picture taken in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square 10 April 2010.

I went to the world’s largest international real ale festival – in Acton!

Picture of The Red Lion and Pineapple pub

I attended the Wetherspoon Spring Real Ale Festival at The Red Lion and Pineapple in Acton, West London, last Friday.

Picture of pint and Wetherspoons Spring 2010 Real Ale Festival programme

The Festival, which is running at selected Wetherspoon pubs, is featuring up to 50 ales and continues until 25 April 2010.

Some of the ales were new and brewed exclusively for the festival, [FB] below, whilst a few were by international brewers but specially brewed in the UK [IB], to complement the imported beers [I].

A few others were resurrection ales brewed for the festival [RA] – in other words beers that have not been produced for some time.

Full details are given in the festival programme [3MB PDF]

Here’s the drinks I sampled, along with marks out of ten:

Picture of Nick Carroll and Chris Collier

Pictured are fellow drinkers Nick Carroll and Chris Collier.

WordCamp UK 2010 logo version 2

WordCamp UK 2010 logo version 2

Version 2 of the WordCamp UK 2010 logo has been produced by Jonathan Harris following feedback from WordPress users.

Many said the use of “10” in the previous version could be misinterpreted as meaning this is the tenth WordCamp UK – we’re not there yet – this year’s event will be the third!

Therefore, to clarify this point, “2010” has been used.

Beer in The Bush

Picture of Wetherspoons Central Bar W12 exterior
Picture of Wetherspoons Central Bar W12 sign
Picture of Wetherspoons Central Bar W12 pint
Picture of Wetherspoons Central Bar W12 interior
Picture of Wetherspoons Central Bar W12 window

The Central Bar 6 April 2010.

Moving flat – fast!

Picture of Jorgensen Turner office

Because of a sequence of events too boring to explain here, we had to move flat quickly a couple of weeks ago.

We wanted to move to Shepherds Bush and, after spotting a suitable flat on Gumtree, we contacted Jorgensen Turner.

Within days the deal had been done, along with the inevitable paperwork!

From initially finding the flat on a Wednesday, we had moved in by the following Tuesday – fantastic.

Can I thank the team at Jorgensen Turner, and particularly Natasha Henry, for a fast and efficient service.

I unreservedly recommend using Jorgensen Turner if you want to rent or buy in W12.

(Full disclosure: I have no financial or any other business interest in Jorgensen Turner)

WordCamp UK 2010 logo unveiled

WordCamp UK 2010 logo

The WordCamp UK 2010 logo has been released.

Designed by Jonathan Harris, and inspired by Factory Records graphics, the logo will be used for branding all material connected with this year’s WordCamp UK to be held in Manchester on 17-18 July 2010.

Tickets for the event are planned to be available later this month, with early bird discounts for prompt purchasers.