I went to MailCamp 2012

Picture of MailCamp 2012

I attended MailCamp 2012 held at the National Audit Office in Victoria on 17 May 2012.

The follow-up to MailCamp 2011 once again proved to be fascinating, and showed that email still has an incredibly important communications role to play.

The format was two series of (timed) five minute presentations, each followed by a 45 minute open session consisting of parallel breakout groups, with each group involving each presenter, allowing attendees to discuss the preceding sessions.

Reports of proceedings can be found on the event live coverage page.

Picture of Nationa Audit Office building

The event was held in the magnificent NAO building (formerly the Imperial Airways Empire Terminal), pictured above.

Many thanks to the NAO, the speakers, the sponsors and Steph for organising the event.

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