I went to the LPD Annual Members’ Forum 2017

I attended the sixth LPD Annual Members’ Forum on Sunday 19 February 2017.

The meeting, to which all BECTU LPD members where invited, consisted of an industrial report, a Brexit update, details of tax chnages and a look at how LPD will campaign in 2017.

The industrial report outlined feedback on PACT negotiations concerning television drama (looking good) and PACT negotiations on feature film production (definitely not looking good).

Carole Tongue then gave a very interesting update on developments since the (disastrous) UK EU referendum.

An outline of upcoming tax and VAT chnages for freelancers was then given by Tony Lennon, followed by Paul Evans on ideas for LPD campaigning in 2017 (the popular idea seemed to be respect for everyone working in the industry).

This was followed by a number of drinks, in a nearby facility, to celebrate LPD reaching 10,000 members!

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