I went to UKGovcamp 2013

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I participated in the 2013 UKGovcamp at IBM’s South Bank building on Saturday 9 March 2013.

It was the usual surprising, inspiring, bustling, informative, argumentative and lively mix built on Open Space principles.

Amongst the sessions I took part in where:

  • Intersection of open innovation and open government – led by Esko Reinikainen this session looked at the various barriers to change within government structures, including how information can be lost by the lack of knowledge bases.
  • Is digital changing the nature of communications? – led by Anne McCrossan this discussion examined issues raised by the digital first policy, including how to effectively communicate with those not online and how to bring them into the tent – which touched in wider points such as education.
  • Open government and the national action plan – led by Tim Davies the session looked at the Open Government Partnership, which was very interesting, since I was not aware of the organisation’s existence beforehand!

Afterwards, the world was fully put to rights at the post events drinks in Doggetts.

All in all, another excellent UKGovcamp – many thanks to Dave Briggs and Steph Gray for organising the day and the sponsors for their support.

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