WordCamp UK 2010 and looking to the future

Picture of WordCamp UK 2010

WordCamp UK 2010 took place in Manchester on the weekend of 17-18 July.

There’s numerous reports of what transpired, and the consensus was this was a successful and positive couple of days discussing and debating all things WordPress.

As the co-ordinator of WordCamp UK I’d like to thank all contributors – including:

Those present will be aware of the nature of the discussion towards the end of the final Sunday session about the naming of the 2011 event.

Since the weekend, the feedback from participants is that we build on the experience and enthusiasm gained over three years, and start planning for the follow-up to WordCamp UK 2010, and come back to the question of the name of the event later.

Therefore the Core Group have issued the draft 2011 venue requirements, for which feedback is invited by 1000 (am) on Thursday 19 August 2010 at the latest on the WordCamp UK mailing list.

After that it is intended to invite bids against the final form of the requirements.

Because a number of administrative processes have been put in place over the past year, we will have longer timescales on everything that follows from setting the venue – such as arranging sponsors, allowing attendees to get cheaper advance travel tickets and an extended ticket sales window.

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