I went to Open Tech 2009

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Open Tech 2009 was an enjoyable and enriching Saturday on a July summer’s day in Bloomsbury.

Held at the University of London Union, the one hour sessions were mainly broken down into three individual talks.

Some of the sessions I attended:

  • Beyond Bad Science – The always entertaining Ben Goldacre on applying scientific methods to debunk dubious claims and proposing how the contribution of scientific bloggers could be aggregated.
  • Digital archaeology of the microcomputer 1974-1994 – Steve Goodwin took a fascinating look at the problems of preserving both the of our home computer legacy – the propriety nature of the hardware and software of the time, and the difficulties it’s caused subsequently, is surely a lesson for the future in accessing data currently being generated.
  • One Click Orgs: lightweight legal structure for community groups – An introduction and demonstration of an early beta of One Click Orgs by Charles Armstrong which is being developed to provide a legal support structure for volunteer and community projects.
  • Why our internet liability laws are broken – Francis Davey outlined the state of the UK law (not good) and possible ways to fix it.

The union bar ensured there was plenty of socialising both during and after the event!

Open Tech: highly recommended – I plan to be there next time.

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