More snow in Shepherds Bush

Picture of more snow in Shepherds Bush

Saturday snow in Shepherds Bush.

Snow in Shepherds Bush

Picture of snow in Shepherds Bush

Just started snowing in Shepherds Bush – and it’s sticking!

High Wycombe or Portsmouth for WordCamp UK 2011?

Over the next month the decision will be made on the venue for WordCamp UK 2011.

This follows a bidding process, during which submissions have been made which aim to meet or exceed the 2011 venue requirements.

The two bids are:

The WordCamp UK mailing list (registration required) will be considering the bids and selecting a winner by 17 January 2011.

More details are on the WordCamp UK wiki.

Please note the final name of the event, the follow-up to WordCamp UK 2010, will be subject to change.

Sherlock Holmes in the 21st century

I’ve been rewatching the updated, contemporary, witty, knowing, intricate, stylish, brilliant, modern, reinvented, exciting, fun, imaginative, enjoyable, excellent, fantastic, brilliant, intriguing, wonderful, gripping, thrilling, entertaining, engaging, clever, gripping BBC series of Sherlock.

Definitely one of the best television series of 2010.

Christmas in Shepherds Bush

Picture of Christmas lights in Shepherds Bush

2010 Christmas lights in Shepherds Bush.

Legible London in Shepherds Bush

Picture of pedestrian sign in Shepherds Bush

The quality of pedestrian signs in the UK is generally quite poor.

So it’s good to see Legible London signs, already seen in some parts of the West End, being introduced into the bustling environs of Shepherds Bush.

John Maeda on the simple life

John Maeda speaking at TED in March 2007.