Sunday sun in October

Picture of Acton in the sunshine

Increadibly hot weather, for October, in Acton W3 at 1138 on Sunday 2 October 2011.

Acton Central Overground station

Picture of level crossing outside Acton Central Overground station

The level crossing outside Acton Central Overground station at 2004 on Thursday 1 September 2011.

I went to the Green Man Festival 2011

Picture of main stage at Green Man Festival 2011

I attended this year’s Green Man Festival, held at Glanusk Estate, South Wales, on 19-21 August 2011.

Our journey to the site started with an epic coach journey leaving Paddington Thursday 18 August in a near-apocalyptic rain downpoar.

Thankfully, the weather improved during the journey, and on arrival Christina, Steve, Des and myself swung into action by implementing our well rehearsed plan to erect our tents in the dark using two torches.

The festival site, held in the magnificent Brecon Beacons, has microclimate conditions, resulting in rapidly changing weather conditions. In the main the weather was fantastic, testified by my sunburn on the Friday, and the subsequent use of Christina’s scarf on Saturday as a protective measure!

Along with a wide range of food stalls, the festival also had five bars providing 24 hour coverage, giving plenty of time to savour the specially brewed Green Man Growler bitter in all the bars, and the Hallets cider in the Courtyard Bar.

For Green Man 2011 there were six performance areas – amongst the many acts I saw were:

With its laid back but organised style, and family-friendly environment, I can understand why Green Man won the 2010 UK Best Medium Festival award.

Picture of Green Man effigy 2011 burning

Pictured above is the burning of the Green Man effigy on the Sunday night.

Green Man – highly recommended: I’m putting it in my diary for 2012!

I went to the Wetherspoon Summer Cider Festival 2011

I attended the Wetherspoon Summer Cider Festival which was held 21-31 July 2011.

Here’s the cider I sampled during my visits to the festival, along with marks out of ten:

WordCamp Portsmouth UK 2011: a vote of thanks

Picture of WordCamp UK 2011

WordCamp Portsmouth UK 2011 took place on the weekend of 16-17 July.

There’s plenty of reports of the proceedings on the WordCamp UK wiki.

As the co-ordinator of WordCamp UK I’d like to thank everyone involved – including:

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the event, and plenty of improvements were suggested for 2012.

The Core Group has taken on board many of these suggestions, and hopes to be issuing the 2012 venue requirements in the next few weeks, against which bids for specific event locations will be invited.

The decision on the venue for next year will taken by the WordCamp UK mailing list.

So if you want to influence where in the UK the follow-up to the Portsmouth WordCamp takes place, subscribe to the mailing list now!

I went to the Ealing Beer Festival 2011

Picture of Ealing Beer Festival 2011

I attended the Ealing Beer Festival 2011 held in Walpole Park on 6 July 2011.

Here’s the drinks I sampled, along with marks out of ten:

At the Freelances’ Fair 2011

Picture of BECTU London Freelances' Fair 2011

I went to the annual BECTU London Freelances’ Fair 2011 on Friday 17 June 2011 at Savoy Place.

In the morning I went to The Freelance Toolkit Workshop – an extremely informative and useful session run by David Thomas.

After a peruse around the fair exhibition area (pictured), I participated in two seminars in the afternoon: the first on using DSLR cameras to make film and television programmes (not convinced, to say the least!) and the second on pitching programme ideas (a sort of role playing exercise – very interesting).

This year saw a significant increase in attendence compared to last year – many thanks to BECTU’s Writers Producers and Directors Branch for organising the event and to the sponsors for their support.

I went to the Lost Arts launch

Picture of Lost Arts badge

I attended the launch of the Lost Arts campaign in Westminster on Wednesday 15 June 2011.

The campaign includes a website that will record all the arts-related events, projects and organisations that will be closed due to cuts in public funding; including a running total of money lost to the arts and the resultant negative impact on the economy.