Christmas lights in Wardour Street 2011

Picture of Christmas lights in Wardour Street

Wardour Street Christmas lights 2011.

Christmas lights in West12 Shopping Centre 2011

Picture of est12 Shopping Centre Christmas lights 2011

West12 Shopping Centre Christmas lights 2011.

Christmas lights in Acton 2011

Picture of Acton Christmas lights 2011

Acton Christmas lights 2011.

Christmas lights in Shepherds Bush 2011

Picture of Shepherds Bush Christmas lights 2011

Shepherds Bush Christmas lights 2011.

The end of bendy-buses in London (for now)

Picture of Mercedes-Benz Citaros articulated bus running on route 207

Yesterday (9 December 2011) the bendy-bus (or more accurately the Mercedes-Benz Citaros) was withdrawn from the London 207 route, one of which is pictured above on its last day of service (here’s a less impressionist shot from May 2011).

This is the last of the London bus routes to run bendy-buses, which have been withdrawn as a result of the last city mayor election.

Two objections have been made to the use of buses such as the Mercedes-Benz Citaros in London:

  • The size of vehicles. This has been a problem on some of the routes the buses have been used. However they work best on roads that have few sharp bends, such as the 207 route, which I am a familiar – a long, comparatively straight route, with high volumes of passengers that the vehicle is designed to handle efficiently.
  • Fare dodging. This has been an issue – however I’m sure a technical solution could be forthcoming from the organisation that put in place the Tube ticket gating system.

Given articulated buses efficient capabilities in dealing with high passenger volumes, and their suitability for disabled users, I don’t believe we have seen the permanent disappearance of such vehicles from London.

I went to WordPress London 8

Picture of WordPress London badge

I attended the eighth meeting of the WordPress London local group on 7 December 2011 – the Christmas social!

Beer (courtesy of Headshift) and chat, replaced the usual presentations (and beer).

The Blue Lion proved to be an excellent venue with a great range of real ales.

Pictured is the new WordPress London badge, produced by Emily Webber.

I went on the London public sector rally

Picture of London public sector rally

I took part in the London public sector rally on 30 November 2011.

Pictured is the BECTU banner.