Fubar Redux

Fubar Redux is a fantastic animation I came across at last night’s (10 May 2012) Screen Social.

Radio studio microphones

Giles Apen, BBC Studio Manager, takes us through setting up microphones for presenters across the radio networks.

WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 tickets

WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 logo

The start of ticket sales for WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 has been delayed for a week.

Due to outside work pressures amongst the team building this year’s event site, it has not been possible to complete the design and post all of the content by the original deadline of 6 May 2012.

Therefore, there is now a revised target of Sunday 13 May 2012 for the launch of the site, which will include ticket purchasing facilities.

Ticket sales will commence with discount £35 early bird, and will increase to £45 full price four weeks later.

This year’s wonderful WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 logo is by Jonathan Harris.

This event is being organised by WPUK.

New Comux site

Picture of Comux home page

I recently completed the construction and development of the new Comux site.

Comux have notified Ofcom of their interest in bidding for the UK local TV MuxCo multiplex operator licence.

For this project I was working with Public Life and to Lara Bradley‘s comprehensive design brief, which included a great collection of graphics.

The WordPress site uses a custom built HTML5 theme, which includes the use of custom post types for generating the common questions page and custom fields for populating the different elements on the home page.

It was fantastic working with the friendly bunch at Public Life on this project.

And good luck to Comux with their Ofcom bid!

Public Service Broadcasting: Spitfire

Fantastic song and video by Public Service Broadcasting (their website is powered by WordPress!).

Commercial Street

Picture of Commercial Street E1

Commercial Street E1 at 1521 at 21 April 2012.

Acton Park

Picture of Acton Park

Acton Park at 1431 on Sunday 6 May 2012, shot inspired by Blowup, one of my all time favourite films.