Tales of Television Centre

Picture of Tales of Television Centre preview at NFT1

I attended the preview of Tales of Television Centre at the BFI‘s NFT1 on 15 May 2012.

The audience must have consisted of 90% BBC and ex-BBC staff, along with many who have associations with the BBC.

The programme, produced and directed by Richard Marston, who worked on Blue Peter from 1998 to 2007, is a very enjoyable documentary covering the history of BBC Television Centre, told through the reminisces of those who have worked in the building over the years.

I worked at the Centre on the staff from 1988 to 2007, and quite a number of the stories recounted in the programme I have not come across before.

The preview of the programme was introduced by the BFI’s Dick Fiddy and Richard Marston (pictured together above) along with Sarah Greene, who said “anyone who has worked there [Television Centre] can’t have failed to be affected”.

I agree with Sarah.

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