WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 update

Here’s a brief update on the WordCamp to be held on held on the weekend of 14-15 July 2012 in Edinburgh.

The event site, currently under development, is scheduled to be launched on 29 April 2012 to include a range of information about the event.

Ticket sales are planned to start on 6 May 2012 – initially they will be early bird discount tickets, similar to the process followed for last year’s Portsmouth WordCamp.

In the meantime, content ideas for the event can be posted on the WPUK planning wiki.

To post to the wiki, you need to be a registered user. To register contact me, detailing your name and website URL, with the subject line “WPUK wiki registration request”.

The process of renaming WordCamp UK to WPUK has been completed with the final stage of introducing a new WPUK mailing list, which replaces the old WordCamp UK list.

If you have been a subscriber to old list, and have not received an email automatically subscribing you to the new list, you should manually subscribe to the WPUK mailing list.

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