MySQL and Oracle: not so straight forward

Since writing my piece on MySQL and Oracle, I’ve now discovered the situation is more complicated than I first understood.

Matt Asay outlines the roles of Monty Widenius and IBM in the arguments surrounding the future of MySQL, and says “it has everything to do with money”.

I’m now not so convinced by Monty’s arguments and am concerned there may be a conflict of interest lurking in the background.

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  1. Avatar David Coveney

    My biggest worry with Oracle taking /anything/ over is that they’re notorious for damaging a business they take over. PeopleSoft was never the same after Oracle took control – it could be the same for mySQL, which would be a crying shame – it’s a very powerful and useful database.

  2. Avatar Tony Scott

    Agreed about Oracle.

    The fork option is there if required, although it would be better if dedicated full time developers continued to work on MySQL.

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