WordCamp UK proposal

Inspired by WordCamp Dallas 2008 I’m floating the idea of WordCamp UK at some point this year.

WordCamp UK logo

The idea has already gone around a number of WordPress mailing lists and elsewhere, and in the light of feedback I’m posting this to ascertain the level of interest.

Don’t hesitate to add a comment to this post so the practicality of such an event can be gauged.

I’m happy to take part in organising such an event if it seems to be a good idea – it would be useful even at this early stage to see if anyone else is prepared to be involved in making arrangements etc.

Here’s one description of WordCamp:

WordCamp is a (semi) BarCamp-style conference where users of the Open Source blogging software WordPress can meet and share tips and experiences with one another.

Some initial thoughts to get the discussion going:

  • Format: A little more structured, such as WordCamp Dallas 2008, or more BarCamp, as WordCamp Hamburg?
  • Size: Number of attendees?
  • Location: London or other city? Take into account travelling and accommodation.
  • Sponsorship: Would be good to subsidise the event!

Finally a list of previous WordCamps I’m aware of:

Plus WordCamp Report for reference.

Update Saturday 22 March 2008 at 1531: I’ve set up a WordCamp UK mailing list.

Update Monday 24 March 2008 at 1522: Here’s the RSS feed for comments to this post.

Update Thursday 27 March 2008 at 0649: WordCamp Melbourne and Argentina added to list above.

Update Monday 31 March 2008 at 0028: I’ve now set up a WordPress UK wiki.

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  1. Avatar Mary-Ann

    I’d be very interested and I’d prefer London or Cardiff :)

  2. Avatar Nick

    The next European WordCamp will take place in Milan (May 08). http://iwordpresscamp.wordpress.com/

    In my opinion, this is the alternative (location) for London.

  3. Avatar Lorelle

    Let me know how I can help be a part of this, promotion, planning, and otherwise. I’ve been waiting for someone to take the ball and run with this. Be sure and get Donncha and Mark from Automattic involved as Mark is in England and Donncha is in Ireland – close enough to throw little rocks at each other!

  4. Avatar Richard Brown


    Count me in for both organising and also attending. For beauty and surroundings you can’t match Cornwall but I have to admit location probably means London!


  5. Avatar Dan

    I’m interested. I’d make my way up to London for a day or so if that’s where it ended up. Would prefer something like Birmingham though :) The problem with London is the cost…it’s so expensive to stay over.

  6. Avatar James

    Definitely interested. I’d vote for Oxford at the location but I’ll accept that London is probably the best :-)

  7. Avatar elvis

    i’m interested!
    i’m in london, but think something like Oxford would be good, central but yes, less expensive than london!

  8. Avatar Kai

    I’d be interested, but I can’t leave the country, so London, Oxford, or if you’re heading that way, Cheltenham is quite a good place to hold it. Cardiff would be nice too ;)


  9. Avatar westi

    Very interested.

    I think it needs some of the formality of a pre-organised program in order to maximise the benifits for the participants.

    But you do need some of the free-for-all questioning type sessions and time available for people to do spontainious (sp?) things on the day.

  10. Avatar Sue @ TameBay

    Count me in – happy to help with organising or cheerleading or whatever. I’m in Brittany, so I’d *prefer* southern England (or France).

  11. Avatar Nick

    Hmmm. Am I right to guess that the next mayor release of WordPress (2.6) will be spring 2009 http://boren.nu/archives/2008/01/28/s2425g/

    If yes, I suggest to organize an European/English WordCamp around the release of WP 2.6….

    Places… London and Oxford are fine.. I’ve friends in both cities… Cornwall… also fine… great nature… I’ve started surfing (waves not internet) at Watergate Bay…

  12. Avatar Tony Scott

    Nick – WordPress 2.6 is planned for a July 2008 release.

  13. Avatar Nick

    Tony, sorry if I got this wrong.

    After reading the article on boren.nu, I thought that

    – 2.X.0 will be released in spring
    – 2.X.1 will be released during the summer, and
    – 2.X.2 will be released during autumn.

    Great that I am/was wrong.

  14. Avatar Runa

    Sounds like fun. And I’ve never been to London. Count me in for organising as well, if that’s possible from Norway :)

  15. Avatar Andrew Eglinton

    Hi Tony,

    Great idea! The UK is so deprived of these kinds of event. I run Open Source Living, an interactive software archive which has recently moved to WordPress. Keen on meeting other people with ‘alternative’ WordPress applications. Would also be a great opportunity to network.

    London would be my first choice. People will probably say things always happen in London, but given that it would be the first Wordcamp UK, it’s probably better to opt for a place that will pull in the punters.

    Contact me if you’d like any organisational help.

    Will check back here soon. Thanks alot.

  16. Avatar Mikey

    London would be great – I would definitely attend.

  17. Avatar Tom

    Much like Mary-Ann I’d be in favour of a London or Cardiff venue mostly because I fall within 2hrs of Cardiff, have free train travel and am very used to the long journey into London… I’d also be able to pay my family a visit before and after which would be nice. :)

  18. Avatar Andrew

    I would definitely attend. I would not suggest London as it is really expensive both to get to and to stay.

    A more suitable venue would be somewhere more central, perhaps Manchester.

    Oxford seems popular and that is fine for me, but it is a very long way from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle

  19. Avatar Jason

    I second Cheltenham or even better, Bristol. If we look at this logically, we need a venue that is cheap yet provides some great night life that is not in the North. Bristol is the best as it is as central as you can get and probably the most affordable.

    If we go to the City, meeting space and hotel will be three times the cost of Bristol or Cardiff. If the Camp has a great agenda, people will come from all over and the Bristol Airport is served by all the cheap carriers.

    For me, it is the south-west in the early fall where maybe we can get one of the universities to give us some free meeting space for a couple of days in exchange for some free promotion.

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  21. Avatar Collin

    I too would be interested in attending.

    Stay out of London. As has already been said, it’s too expensive.

    Bristol and Cardiff sound good but they are a heck of a long way (as said) from Scotland. Don’t forget the Brits are haters of long distance, unless our US compadres!

    Why not go straight to the middle of the country and look at Birmingham or Stafford or similar.

    Guests? Donncha and Mark are both this side, what about seeing if Matt could get over and talk? What about Lorelle?

    Dates? Not too fussy, just need enough notice to book leave.

  22. Avatar BG

    London gets everything, and London’s expensive.

    How about getting out a map and picking somewhere that’s more central/accessible to ALL of the UK?

    Or maybe a place with a strong literary heritage, such as Stratford?

    Just my twopenn’orth.

  23. Avatar Rachael

    I’d most likely be interested, especially if it were somewhere central such as Birmingham…

  24. Avatar James Turnbull

    I’d be interested – would be happy with Oxford or London, but of course I’m only saying that because it’s local. How about someone puts together a mailing list?

  25. Avatar Brad

    I think a UK WordCamp is a fab idea. As long as the dates work, count me in.
    I live between Leeds and Manchester. The midlands would be the most central place for all those coming from the North and Scotland – Cardiff/Bristol is quite far for us. There are plenty of places around the greater Birmingham area that can accommodate a conference – so please don’t ignore us Northern Monkeys.


  26. Avatar Francisco

    Wordcamp UK — Great idea!

    Here’s my top 5 list of places:

    1) London
    2) Brighton
    3) London
    4) London
    5) London

    Anywhere else is Ork territory, you’ll either get mugged or puked on by drunken ladettes ;)

  27. Avatar Rich Boakes

    By a strange coincidence I’ve been speaking with Charles Stricklin this week about the exact same subject. Count me in. Preferred venue: anywhere south of Oxford.

  28. Avatar chichard41

    I’m interested, if not just to hear any sort of tips or listening to the future of wordpress in any sense. London will do fine for me :D

  29. Avatar John Baker

    I’ll probably miss it if it’s in London, but Manchester or Leeds sound like good venues, accessible by everyone in the UK fairly easily. They both support reasonably priced accommodation and a varied night-life.

  30. Avatar neville

    I’d be interested, too. Agree with many views here that choosing a place other then London would make a nice change for an event, although I guess you have to take into account where most potential participants are. SE England, I’d hazard a guess.

    Still, why not somewhere like Birmingham or thereabouts, somewhere central that’s easily accessible (relatively speaking) from anywhere in the UK? And from abroad for that matter. I’m in the SE, near Reading, but I’d be willing to trek north :)

  31. Avatar Brian

    A great idea.

    But before getting into a debate about venues wouldn’t it be best to get an idea of the possible number of delegates and speakers/presenters.

  32. Avatar Bulent

    If there’s a Wordcamp in London (or anywhere else in the UK, for that matter) I would most certainly like to attend. Presumably it’d happen after WP 2.5 was released, so the timing would be perfect.

  33. Avatar The Edinburgh Studio

    The organisers should bear in mind the importance of location in creating energy and buzz.

    Most attendees will not be experienced conference-goers and their first instinct will be to prefer somewhere close to home, hoping to avoid accommodation and travel costs. As the bulk of the UK’s population is concentrated around the South-East, 90% of the posts here will suggest London.

    What they will be failing to understand is that half the fun of these events is the excitement of arriving somewhere new and, best of all, staying overnight because that is when all NETWORKING happens, that is when you get Ma.tt drunk.

    If you hold it in London, you will get a deceptively large number of sign ups. You will probably hold it on a Saturday and, because it is London on a weekend, with Hotels hard to find or prohibitively expensive, you will get a low number of sign ups from elsewhere.

    As the event approaches, the London sign-ups will not be all that excited, not in the same way they would if they had booked a flight. The event will be marked on their calendar but it will just be another appointment, one they don’t take that seriously because, after all, it was practically free, they didn’t really have to think about it before signing up. It will slip back in their priorities as other priorities reveal themselves closer to the date.

    On the day, most of the overwhelmingly London-based sign-ups will fail to turn up at all, many will be late because even getting across London takes time. They will not be all that excited. They will not have made a lot of new friends in the hotel bar the night before because, well, that didn’t happen. At 6PM, when the last talk finishes, the vast majority will simply get the tube home. Some will stay for a couple of drinks but there will be no serious hi-jinks, no sailor-on-shore-leave type fun. The networking will never gain any serious momentum.

    So, because people are generally willing to shoot themselves in the foot rather that pay £50 to EasyJet and £40 to Travelodge or £16 to a hostel, you’ll basically have a non-event.

    London would be easy enough for me personally but, having attended quite a few London conferences, I know how they tend to unfold – they just aren’t that much fun and, in this age of talks being posted on YouTube anyway, I’m not all that sure why I would attend an event with a deflated social aspect.

    I say, contact a few regional Computer Science or New Media university departments, in towns and cities with good transport links and plentiful accommodation, perhaps even campus accommodation if it is to be held in the summer when the students are away.

    Ask the department in questin to sponsor the event by allowing you to use it’s conference facilities – they are familiar with these requests, they know the advantages, they will know how be associated with the first ever UK conference for the rising star that is WordPress, will burnish their institutions reputation – department heads live for this stuff. Send the request to every such department in the UK. Don’t forget Belfast, great location for a conference.

    Design the event around the idea that people will have to stay overnight, make it a feature, find out which local nightclubs are the most fun and arrange free entry. Give people something INTERESTING to blog about, not just a trip on the tube!

  34. Avatar Colin

    I think this is a great idea.

    I’d have thought places like Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and London would be sensible locations as they are relatively straight forward to get to from most bits of the UK by public transport.

  35. Avatar Neil

    I really think this is a great idea, would love to attend the wordpress camp. Is this really on the cards or is it still just an idea? Strange how this would be the first wordcamp in the U.K, saying as the U.K has a lot to offer in terms on technology…

  36. Avatar Anne Helmond

    Location: Any city that has low budget airports would be excellent.

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  38. Avatar Tony Scott

    Neil – WordCamp UK started out as an idea, but with the fantastic response so far it’s looking like a real possibility to me.

    The Edinburgh Studio – I totally understand the down-side in holding such events in London. I’ve been to a number of conferences over the years in London on various subjects, and there is a great danger in the evening that the social aspect can go flat when most of those attending make their way home. I see the informal networking side of WordPress UK equally as important as the actual event itself.

    Brian – Yep. Suggestions of the number of delegates and speakers/presenters, as well as the areas to be covered, would be a good idea at this stage.

    Westi – A mixture of an agenda along with free-for-all questioning would seem like a good combination to me.

  39. Avatar Neil

    Fantastic Tony, thats really good news. I personally think the turn out would be crazy. WordPress has become THE software that bloggers use in U.K. universities these days. It appeals to everyone, and thats the beauty of it. Ive got my fingers crossed.

  40. Avatar Michael Martin

    It’s a fantastic idea, and I’d definitely hope to be there. :)

    I’d prefer a more structured option, so you that you know what you’re going to see, and speakers have time to prepare a good show that’s actually worth seeing.

    We could then have a certain bar booked for after the day’s events, where things would be much more laid back. That would cover most of the social benefits of a BarCamp-style event?

    As for location; I live in Northern Ireland, so it’s a bit of travelling for me either way. Cities like Manchester and Liverpool do tend to be cheaper though, which would make them far more appealing to me at least. :)

    Let me know if you want any help with anything. :)

  41. Avatar Gavi n Atkin

    I’d be interested, but could only really make it if it were in the south-east. I’m not really all that techy, so I’d be especially pleased if there was a session for people like me!



  42. Avatar ChrisM

    Birmingham makes sense for a UK-wide catchment area, as from N/S E/W, Wales and Scotland, it is pretty well served by road/rail/air. FWIW, I don’t live in Britain anymore, and never have near Birmingham. If the dates were end of April, or Xmas, I’d love to come, but can’t see that happening…

    PS The text below ‘leave a comment’ is so miniscule, it can’t be read. Is this a temp. blip, a firefox issue, or something else?

  43. Avatar Tony Scott

    ChrisM – Last paragraph. Which browser are you using? I only put together the current theme for this site a few weeks ago and there could still be some css bugs (surely not!)

    Update – Tweaked the site css to resolve font size issue with IE – is that better?

  44. Avatar Alex Bellinger

    What a great idea. I’d definitely like to attend. London would be good. Brighton would be good.

    How about having a structured track and a barcamp track, so people could either go for a speaker they were interested in, or make their own infotainment.



  45. Avatar Terry

    Unfortunately, London (which is almost always chosen) is a tad far away for us all up north. Yes, there’s planes, trains etc, but somewhere “in the middle” would suit me a lot more. Edinburgh (I’d smile a massive smile if it was there…), Newcastle etc ???

  46. Avatar George

    I think it’d be an awesome idea, I’m in wales, and provided they let 16 year olds in, I’ll get my backside over there pronto :P
    I think there should possibly be a poll setup, to see if it’s a good idea :)


  47. Avatar Lee Kelleher

    Great idea! Makes perfect sense to have a WordCamp UK.

    London is the obvious place to hold this event… however that’s what every one expects (but it’s often more expensive – hotels and travel, etc.)

    I suggest either Manchester or Birmingham. Both are great cities to host events like these… plus they’re easy to get to via planes, trains and automobiles!

  48. Avatar Gary

    Anywhere but London – for the exact reasons that “The Edinburgh Studio” mentioned. Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford. All good.

    The “Name”, “Email” and “Website” input boxes are miniscule – impossible to read in fact…

  49. Avatar Neil

    Count me in, I would be happy with anywhere in the UK, the uk is crying out for such an event.

    Much more economical than traveling to SXSW etc.

  50. Avatar Tony Scott

    Gary – Last para – made some more site css tweaks – are you using Internet Explorer?

  51. Avatar Collin

    Keep it out of London and I’m there. I’m on the South Coast FWIW.

    Submit button is tiny by the way. Firefox 2.

  52. Avatar Mark Beech

    Cardiff or Birmingham would be good.

  53. Avatar Vixx

    I’d travel anywhere in England or Wales, but have a preference for the latter – Cardiff would be fantastic for me, too.

    Would be happy to help out in any way and shape that I can.


  54. Avatar PJ

    I’d definitely be interested in attending such an event. London would be most convenient for me, but I could travel elsewhere if necessary. I don’t know exactly why, but Edinburgh, Cardiff or Bath appeal to me as possible locations.

  55. Avatar Simon Jones

    I’d certainly be interested. London would be okay as a location, though surely it would be just plain fairer to hold it in Brum as that’s more or less central. I live in the north west so feel free to host it in Liverpool, capital of culture and all! :-)

  56. Avatar David Colquhoun

    I’d be interested too, though probably only if in or near London (I spend too much time on the blog as it is!)

  57. Avatar Holly

    Count me in (unless I am on the road somewhere else for work)

    Location – pick a city that is easy to get to and has cheap accommodations (Youth Hostels, Euro Hostel or a University over holiday). This would offset the cost of those having to travel.

    London is incredibly expensive even tho it is closer for many.

    Plan a combination of speakers and workshops centered around specific topics (sidebars 101 for example, widgets, ads – yes or no) interspersed with free time and social events.

    See if you can get any of the big server hosting companies to sponsor something.

    can help organize to some extent – contact me off line.


    (I am using firefox – had to go find a magnifying glass to find the “publish your post button)

  58. Avatar Andrew Eglinton

    Given that there is no poll, I thought I’d spend 10 mins on this Saturday morning compiling some approximate stats for you.

    So here’s what we’ve got so far in descending order (note that many people voiced more than one preference)

    London 19
    Birmingham 10
    Cardiff 8
    Oxford 8
    Manchester 5
    Bristol 3
    Cheltenham 2
    Cornwall 2
    Brighton 2
    Newcastle 2
    Liverpool 2
    Edinburgh 2
    Stratford upon Avon 1
    Leeds 1
    Bath 1

  59. Avatar Piggy

    As others have said, great idea.

    As far as London (which is appearing to be a popular choice) is concerned, it’d be nice – just this once – if something being organised WASN’T being held in London.

    Birmingham, for those of us that don’t live in the South is a much fairer location to have to travel to – not to mention that fact that it’s also MUCH cheaper too.

    London, for many of us up north is an expense we just couldn’t afford, what with the cost of accomodation, eating, travel and let’s not forget – extortionate parking charges for those of us who drive.

    Everythings always London, isn’t it? For once it would be nice if it was somewhere else where we don’t leave at the end of it skint for the rest of the month.

  60. Avatar Tugs

    London works great for me seeing as I am already here.
    It may be a little more expensive, but we have the greater number of facilities and the greater range of accommodations to suit all budgets.
    We should also consider that we may have delegates from outside the UK which means we need to consider transport for them too.
    I do understand the concerns from the rest of the UK thought.
    It is a great thing that this is even being considered.

  61. Avatar BG

    @ Francisco:

    “Here’s my top 5 list of places:

    1) London
    2) Brighton
    3) London
    4) London
    5) London

    Anywhere else is Ork territory, you’ll either get mugged or puked on by drunken ladettes ;)”

    Best you stay down south, then, and keep your narrow blinkered view of the world to yourself, eh?

    Too many folk snipe at others and then try to cover it up with a smiley.

  62. Avatar Andy Bargery

    This sounds like a fantastic idea. I run the London Bloggers Meetup and I’m sure many of the group members would be interested in attending – and I may even be able to put you in touch with potential sponsors. Drop me a line if you need any help getting this setup.

    In terms of location I would suggest London or surrounds.


  63. Avatar Tony Scott

    This is a brilliant response.

    To continue the conversation I’ve set up a mail list – join the WordCamp UK list.

  64. Avatar Rammi

    I’d love London as a location. Count me in if it is happening!
    As for those who find accomodation here expensive, if you stay out in the suburbs, the prices are drastically different than those in the city. For example, anywhere in Middlesex/Greater London; places like Perivale, Greenford and Harrow are close to Tube stations, and hotels there cheaper than the ones in the city by a long way.

  65. Avatar Eats Wombats

    Another vote for London.

  66. Avatar Mark

    Oxford is less than an hour north of London and has a dedicated coach service to and from. It is cheaper, less crowded, more picturesque, friendlier and has just as much history to offer if that is your thing.
    It is also easy to reach by road / rail.

  67. Avatar Gary

    Tony – size of the text and input boxes is now fine. Woould have helped had I mentioned I was using FF2. Sorry.

  68. Avatar Richard

    I favour Birmingham, because it’s central and travelwise fairer for everyone to travel to. Also, total cost of attending (TCA) should work out cheaper than London.

    Giving the event a central location will encourage more people to attend and isn’t that what we want.

    Tony, if you need help with organisation let me know.

  69. Avatar franky

    IMHO You have two things to consider: do you want one event for a country as big as the UK or do you want to reach as many participants as possible?

    In the first case go for a central location. In the latter consider something down south and a second event in the Northern (Greater Manchester?).

    I think the second one should be considered. There are many active people in the UK and IMHO it would be easier to keep costs low for both organisation (anything is cheaper than London/Brighton/Manchester Central) and for attendants (option for the ‘shortest’ distance).

  70. Avatar MattR

    I’d be interested in this – any location would suit if there was a good level of committment – would prefer London but Liverpool/Manchester/Birmingham/Oxford/Cambridge all work well.

    Would be happy to help organise if any help is needed… have joined the mailing list.

  71. Avatar Nick Pellant

    Very interested in this, would be willing/able travel to anywhere.

  72. Avatar Chris Garrett

    I’d love to be involved in getting this going, Bristol would be a good place to hold it too as we have venues like the Watershed.

  73. Avatar Josh

    Count me in, if it’s a vote then I biasedly vote for Bristol, otherwise I vote for anywhere besides London.

  74. Avatar tartanproject webdesign

    hi, same here – I would be interested in taking art in such an event I hope it’ll work


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  76. Avatar Geoff

    I organised the Our Social World blogging conference in Cambridge nearly three years ago. The over whelming response I got from delegates and speakers was -Conferences have to be in London! More expensive maybe but all transport links in England radiate from London making it the centre, Would love to help as I’ve been thinking of organising something like this since Oursocialworld!

  77. Avatar Jordan Hatch

    That’s a great idea!

    I think Manchester or Birmingham (first one preferred). They’re more central and mean that us folk up north can go as well!

  78. Avatar maya

    Hi Tony,

    Here are some tips that I posted about organizing a WordCamp. If you need any help please let me know.

  79. Avatar Tony Scott

    Amongst subjects currently being discussed on the WordCamp UK mailing list are:

    Ideas for structure and content
    Location of WordCamp UK
    Volunteers vs professional organizers

    Before you can post a message to the list you must subscribe.

    When subscribed you will receive copies of all messages sent to the list.

    It would be great if as many as possible of those who have contributed comments to this post subscribed, particularly those who have expressed an interest in becoming involved in organising WordCamp UK.

  80. Avatar keyser

    I think this would be huge if it happens and i’d be really up for it.

    I’m from oop north but think having it darn sarf in London is the only venue that would generate the maximum attention. After the 1st one you could move it around the country.

  81. Avatar Spencer Lavery

    I’d be there in a heartbeat. Would prefer London personally, but would go as North as Bristol ;)

  82. Avatar David Coveney at Interconnect IT

    Yes yes yes! We’ll be there. We’ll also be more than happy to help where possible – perhaps even providing some possible sponsorship as we’re soon to launch a new service for WordPress users and developers.

    Ideally not London. Nobody except the people who live in London like London – it’s ridiculously expensive to get to, stay in and escape from. It’s also just not got that social buzz.

    I’d vote for Liverpool, as I’m biased, but would cheerfully travel to anywhere else from Birmingham to Edinburgh. And if you must have it in a capital, it’s generally cheaper for most of us up here to get to Amsterdam or Paris ;-)

  83. Avatar Graeme Hunter

    A cracking idea to have a WordCamp. I’d vote Oxford, because I’m lazy and live here, but I’d travel anywhere for it really.

  84. Avatar Benjamin

    Brilliant idea and looks like there is a crowd! I’m happy to help (I’ve run a number of large events) and/or come along. London will be best for numbers, but Bristol or Birmingham would be ok too.

  85. Avatar Robert

    I’d be interested.

    London would be my preferred venue.
    Structured (like Dallas) would be my preferred format.

    For me it’s a (secondary) hobby, so if the cost went too high it might deter me from going.
    That might be an issue if the venue was out of London. Depends how it’s sold.
    I might be more willing to venture outside the M25 for UK WordCamp II !

  86. Avatar Greg

    This is a great idea, I would definitly be interested :) London all the way as a venue.

  87. Avatar George

    I don’t think London would be a good place, but anywhere else in the UK would be cool, provided it’s not on a friday night (drunken ladettes, as previously mentioned) but otherwise, I think it’s an awesome idea.
    I think Matt said on the wp-testers list that he would be interested in it, too :)


  88. Avatar Vince

    I’d suggest Manchester as we seem to be quite full of blogs and such here, plus its not as hectic to get from place to place as Manchester is, should also mention that we have a couple of bloggers from the BBC amongst our bloggers group, we even have a blog awards yearly

  89. Avatar andyw

    Firstly, good on you for standing up and encouraging this kind of thing – the UK definitely needs a Wordcamp!

    I’d love to attend – I’ve been using WordPress for years and would love to get to know some fellow bloggers!

    I would like a few formal sessions followed by an informal evening ;)

    I think London would gather the most attendees but Midlands area would be fairest to everyone. For that Birmingham would probably be the most central location.

    I may be able to convince my employers to sponsor the event in some format (they’re a hosting provider). If you could drop me an email with an idea of the kind of financing that would be needed (when you’re ready of course), I’ll see what I can do (no promises at this stage though).

  90. Jordan Hatch’s Blog » Wordpress 2.5

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  91. Avatar Tony Scott

    I’ve now set up a wiki to document the excellent ideas being generated by the mailing list.

    So far I’ve added the main points relating to structure and content.

    Feel free to edit and add (you must login or register before being able to edit pages).

  92. Avatar Stef

    Hi – this sounds like a great idea.

    I’m based in Birmingham and could try and connect this up with people who may be able to offer us a venue?

  93. Avatar Andy Roberts

    I’ll be there too.
    Helping to build interest in London


  94. Avatar George

    I’ve added myself to the mailing list, reading the archives now :)

  95. WordCamp UK in planning : NevilleHobson.com

    […] an initial idea by Tony Scott, the concept starting gaining traction last week via a mailing list […]

  96. Avatar Ewan Spence

    Yep I’m in.

  97. Avatar Tony Molloy

    I’m interested, Manchester would be my favoured location, with Birmingham as second choice

  98. tonyscott.org.uk - New WordCamp UK site

    […] There’s now a WordCamp UK site to publicise the proposed event. […]

  99. Avatar Dom Barnes

    I’m interested indeed. As a location suggstion, if Birmingham was a good idea, somewhere like the New Technology Institute (NTI) might be able to accomodate as they supported Podcamp UK last year

  100. Avatar Neil

    Hey Tony, im wondering how i can get involved in wordcamp U.K, would love to do anything.

  101. tonyscott.org.uk - WordCamp UK proposed date

    […] date for the planned WordCamp UK is now being […]

  102. tonyscott.org.uk - WordCamp UK show of hands

    […] this stage in planning for WordCamp UK it would be extremely useful to get a show of hands indicating the number of people likely to […]

  103. WordPress Wednesday News: WordPress 2.5 Issues, WordCamps Everywhere, Mullenweg Addresses Security Fears, Coffee2Code Finishes 14 Days of Plugins, and More : The Blog Herald

    […] are popping up all over including WordCamp Paris on May 3, 2008 (WordCamp Paris BarCamp site), and WordCamp UK (wiki). Australia is also working on a […]

  104. Avatar Paul Bradshaw

    If you need any help, count me in. I’m Birmingham based and run the UK’s most subscribed-to journalism blog.
    BTW My twitter account is twitter.com/paulbradshaw

  105. WordCamp UK 2008, and other things « westi on wordpress

    […] some good folks are in the process of organising the first WordCamp in the UK.  So far it looks like it is going […]

  106. tonyscott.org.uk - WordCamp UK venue sought

    […] looks like WordCamp UK is now going to be 19-20 July 2008 in […]

  107. Podnosh Blog » Archive » Birmingham Bloggers (big) meet 4.

    […] held in Birmingham on the weekend of 19th and 20th July 2008. Tony Scott got the ball rolling with this post and since then there has been a collective plumping for Birmingham as a city central enough to make […]

  108. Avatar Simon Howes

    Fantastic it is coming to Brum, we have a habit of hosting the best conferences in the UK.

  109. The WordCamp Report » WordCamps, WordCamps Everywhere this 2008

    […] there has been a ground-swell of support to get a UK WordCamp going… and they have gotten the site and a wiki up to pull things […]

  110. Avatar Chris Garrett

    Shockingly I just heard about this, let me know if I can help in any way. I will be mentioning UK wordcamp while I am at SOBCon to anyone who will listen :)

  111. UK Blogging Meetups and Conferences? : The Blog Herald

    […] see that Tony Scott is organizing a UK WordCamp, I am definitely up for that, if only as I would be guaranteed to meet Lorelle again ;) Right now […]

  112. WordCamp UK this weekend : NevilleHobson.com

    […] volunteerism and planning by just a handful of people, starting with Tony Scott. Thanks to Tony and everyone who have made this event […]

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