Blog wars!

Well – not really – but this post by Matt Mullenweg needed to be said.

I agree with many of the comments to the post: Movable Type is a nightmare compared to WordPress.

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  1. Avatar Anil

    Hi Tony, thanks for the feedback… just for my own information, when’s the last time you’ve used Movable Type? I always like to understand what version of the application people are judging us on.

  2. Avatar Tony Scott

    Hi Anil

    Currently using MT OS 4.1 – I’m still struggling to get it installed on a localhost sandbox to get up to speed on the current MT state of the art.

    This is the starting point of my issues with MT – I’ve never had significant problems installing WordPress on a range of systems – with MT there seems always to be configuration tweaking required (maybe it’s just me!).

    I have to get on and do some other stuff now – I’ll report back when I get MT working.

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